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The diesel engine fire pumps sent to Myanmar have been produced and are ready to go!

Jan 07, 2023
It can be customized for different needs of customers. We can customize fire pumps with different functions and sizes according to customer needs.

      In addition to product customization, Xizhiquan's professional sales engineers can also customize relevant solutions for you and provide you with high-quality services for different environmental needs.

      Fire safety is related to life, people's property safety, and the stable development of society. Among them, the fire pump is the heart. In the fire system, the most important thing is the work of the water pump. When a fire occurs, the water pump cannot Normal operation, missed a good fire fighting time, greatly affected the rescue and disaster relief, so it is very important to choose a fire pump, choose a qualified fire pump to ensure personal safety.

      As a mechanical product, fire pumps are often mistaken for noisy products. In daily life, people always feel that the vibration of mechanical products is reasonable, so they feel that they can only accept it. However, I want to correct this mistake for everyone. As early as many years, with the advancement of science and technology, mechanical products have already bid farewell to the normal operation of noise. On the contrary, noiseless operation is the embodiment of the common technology of fire pump operation. In recent years, with the pace of development of mechanical products, fire pumps have been able to work quietly after gathering technological improvements from all over the world. However, the noisy operation and frequent vibrations in daily life are the manifestation of failure.

Diesel engine fire pump, combining multiple advantages

1. After receiving the fire alarm/pipe network pressure/power failure/or other starting signals, the diesel engine pump unit of the equipment can automatically start and put into full-load operation within 15 seconds;

2. The diesel engine pump unit below 360kw adopts the domestically created diesel engine and water pump direct connection technology through elastic couplings, which reduces failure points, greatly shortens the starting time of the unit, and increases the reliability and emergency performance of the unit;

3. The unit can be equipped with AC220V cooling water preheating and heating device, which can ensure the normal operation of the unit in an environment below 5°C;

4. The automatic alarm function will automatically alarm and protect according to the low oil pressure of the diesel engine, high water temperature and other faults, and then alarm and stop when the speed exceeds, reducing damage;

5. The built-in fuel tank runs longer; the diesel engine fire pump automatically starts the control panel, and the inspection hole cover is easy to clean;

6. The pump body and the pump cover of the diesel engine fire pump are divided from the back of the impeller, which is commonly referred to as the rear door structure;

7. Do not move the pump body, suction pipeline, discharge pipeline and motor during maintenance, only need to remove the intermediate connecting piece of the coupling, then the rotor parts can be withdrawn for maintenance, which is very convenient.

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