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XBD electric fire pump, fire pump painting finished, ready to deliver to customers!

Jan 07, 2023
Recently, the electric fire pumps of zjbetter customers have been assembled and ready to be shipped, and some customers came to the factory for inspection. XBD-type vertical fire pump set is a new generation of XBD pipeline type medium and low pressure fire pump set developed by Better on the basis of the original vertical multi-stage pipeline pump according to the standard requirements of fire pumps.

       Zjbetter dual-power fire pump equipment has various advantages in one, and is a favorite fire pump product for foreign trade and foreign customers. When a fire occurs, the power source of dual power is more reliable and safer. The working principle of dual power is mainly that when the mains power is normal, the electric pump set is put into operation, and when the power supply fails to supply power normally, the diesel engine fire pump set can automatically start to ensure the normal fire fighting work.

Features of high-efficiency and energy-saving fire pumps:

1. Advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and wide range of performance.

2. Vertical structure, small footprint.

3. The vibration is small, the noise is low, and the axial force is balanced by hydraulic force, so that the pump runs smoothly, safe and reliable.

4. The inlet and outlet of the pump are on the same horizontal axis, and the caliber and specification are the same, which is convenient for pipeline connection and extremely convenient for loading and unloading.

 Technical parameters of high-efficiency and energy-saving fire pumps:

Flow rate: 0.5-45L/S;

Pressure: 0.2-2.0Mpa;

Power: 1.1-90KW;

Speed: 2900r/min;

Diameter: ф25-ф150mm;

Temperature range: ≤80℃

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