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Service support
Good pre-sale service is a important guarantee to the customer interest. We adopts professional senior service engineer to provide customers with design plans and consultant, who recommend equipment best fits the customer actual requirements, which avoids the unnecessary loss caused by improper operation of customers to the largest extent. Our highly professional service staff continuously provides tracking service, by training the customer for free, Our service team can provides you with timely, effective, professional and standard service. giving instruction to installation, explicating the operation main points and cautions in order to ensure the efficient operation of the product and reduce the breakdowns caused by improper operation of customers to the largest extent.
Once there is any breakdown, the professional technology staff may quickly come up with a solution, gather the information, set up classified files for customers and help customers solve problems.
We can provide the services for your projects
● Product catalog and curve datas
● Pump type selection and quotation
● Transportation and after-sales service
● Malfunction, repair and solutions
● Cooperation and trainings
Product Inquiry
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Malfunction Service
If you get troubles or some unknown problems when you use our products, please contact us. we will make solutions to solve it immediately.
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