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Diesel long-shaft pump fire pump feed equipment test complete!

Jan 06, 2023
Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was a deliberate injury, life is full of fires, big and small, everywhere. It is not the commercial areas with a high concentration of people or the high-risk areas of the chemical industry that cause fires, even at home, fire hazards still exist. Fire pumps are essential!

Maintenance and servicing of fire pumps in operation

  1, the burst water pipe must be highly sealed. No leakage of water or air.

  2, prohibit the pump in the cavitation state of long-term operation.

  3, prohibit the pump in the large flow set condition operation. Motor over-current long-term operation.

  4. Check the current value of the motor during pump operation regularly. Try to make the pump operate within the set 20 working conditions.

  5, the pump should be supervised during operation to avoid accidents.

  6, after the pump has been running for a long time. Due to mechanical wear and tear. When the sound and vibration of the unit increase. The pump should be stopped and inspected. If necessary, replace the wearing parts and bearings, the maintenance period of the unit is generally one year.

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