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The fire pump equipment for the two towers in Qatar has been put into use!

Dec 01, 2022
The fire pump equipment for the two towers in Qatar has been put into use!

Recently, according to the customer feedback in Qatar, the 100gpm@17bar fire pump equipment for the two towers in Qatar. zjbetter 16 years, focus on product quality and service, as long as the customer needs, whether at home or abroad, we rushed to the scene to assist in commissioning, installation and maintenance.

Nowadays, more and more brands and models of fire pumps are emerging on the market, how to choose a good fire pump is the more concerned issue for all customers, do you know what characteristics a good fire pump should have? How should we choose a suitable fire pump? Today we will talk together about the selection of fire pump considerations.

One, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise is the key, which directly affects the quality of the fire pump and the sense of use, of course, has been eliminated by the market products can no longer do to consider.

Second, not blind selection, should consider the flow, head selection pump, can be calculated according to the head H multiplied by 1.05 ~ 1.10 coefficient after the selection of pumps; should choose the characteristic curve for the pump with the flow increases its head gradually decline, so that the pump work stable, reliable when working in parallel; and the pump operation work point should be maintained in the high efficiency zone operation, to achieve both energy saving and not easy to damage the machine parts.

Third, the choice of water tank, water tower lifting pump should be a ready, if you must use more than one parallel operation or size pump with the way, the number of units and models should not be too much, generally should not exceed two, single-stage fresh water centrifugal pump head range should be similar; and to ensure that parallel operation of each pump should still be in the range of high efficiency operation.

Fourth, when choosing a multi-stage water pump unit for a living pressurized water supply system, a standby pump should be set up to protect the living water, and the water supply capacity of the standby pump should be greater than the water supply capacity of the largest operating pump, and the pump should be automatically switched and run alternately.

V. The voltage of the motors used in centrifugal pumps should be the same, and the power supply system should be the same as that of the national grid. Different voltages may cause the machine to heat up and damage the equipment.

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