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Electric fire pumps sent to Manila, Philippines are being loaded

Jan 09, 2023
Project location: Manila, Philippines

Product use: plant fire protection system

Equipment configuration: electric pump + stabilized pump pump set

Product Quantity: 8 sets in total


Today, zjbetter's factory area is extremely lively, and various types of equipment are being loaded and delivered quickly. Among them, 8 sets of fire-fighting electric regulator pumps are already on their way to Manila, Philippines! The pressurization and voltage stabilization equipment purchased by the customer in Manila, Philippines is used for the fire protection system of the workshop. In order to ensure the safety of a large number of goods in the workshop and the safety of the staff, the fire booster and voltage stabilization equipment is an indispensable equipment.

Zjbetter fire boosting and voltage stabilizing equipment has the following characteristics

1. According to the design needs of customers, the signal can be connected with the fire center.

2. High equipment integration, small footprint, low investment cost, automatic operation, and no need for special personnel to guard.

4. With automatic protection and failover function. When one of the pumps fails, the backup pump will be activated.

5. Automatic (manual) switching of dual power supplies can be made according to design requirements.

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