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The Mobile pump unit sent to Myanmar is being loaded!

Nov 23, 2022
Working principle 

1. A mechanical energy storage starter is used to replace the conventional starting method of starting the engine with the starter motor powered by the starting battery. Since the mechanical energy storage starter directly applies mechanical energy to start the engine, it can avoid the failure of the starting battery due to long storage time and low temperature, so as to ensure the smooth start of the engine in a maintenance-free state.

2. The air-cooled engine is used to replace the conventional fan water tank engine as the power machine. Since the air-cooled engine completely relies on air for cooling, it not only eliminates the operation and resource supply of filling the water tank and adding special coolant under emergency conditions, but also eliminates the maintenance and failure of the fan water tank to ensure that the engine is maintenance-free. , Reliable operation in emergency state.

3. The permanent magnet generator is used to replace the conventional electric excitation generator for power generation. Since there are no vulnerable parts and circuits such as excitation windings, rotating rectifiers, pressure-sensitive elements, excitation generators, and voltage regulators, the permanent magnet generator has high efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight, and maintenance-free. and other characteristics. At the same time, even if the generator is soaked in water, it only needs to directly short-circuit the stator, and it can resume work after running at low speed for 4 hours, so it has the characteristics of strong regeneration ability.

4. The conventional centrifugal pump is replaced by a piston rotor pump for pumping operations. Since the piston rotor pump has the characteristics of mixing and conveying air, liquid and solid at the same time, it can be quickly put into operation without directing water through irrigation. It has the characteristics of height (0~8m), wide lift (0~80m), wide flow (0-1500m3/h), and automatic adjustment of lift and flow, so it can automatically adapt to the operating environment and operating requirements within the rated power range. Realize long-distance water absorption (horizontal water absorption distance can reach 80 meters), long-distance water delivery (horizontal distance can reach 400 meters), large-flow water delivery (horizontal delivery can reach 1500 cubic meters per hour, which is equivalent to the water volume of a standard swimming pool ), at the same time, the same equipment can be used for different operations of drainage, water supply and fire protection.

5. The supercapacitor battery replaces the conventional chemical battery as the control system and 24V lighting to provide power. Because supercapacitors are resistant to storage and low temperature, they can ensure that power is maintained in a maintenance-free, low-temperature state.

6. A diesel engine is used to coaxially drive a generator and a water pump, so that a disaster relief equipment can simultaneously or separately carry out the operations of power transmission and water pumping. For the two operations of supplying power and pumping water with high application rate in emergency rescue and disaster relief, our company has adopted innovative application methods to develop the world's first dual-function integrated equipment for power generation and water pumping for emergency rescue and disaster relief. Frequently encountered difficulties in entry, narrow work surface, and parallel alignment of multiple operations.

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