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Pakistan Diesel Engine Fire Pump Installation and Commissioning Completed Successfully

Nov 16, 2022
At the beginning of the design of the fire pump, the lift, flow and power are different according to the occasion and model. In general residential buildings, the choice of fire pump is also different according to the age, the height of the floor, and the number of residents.

The fire pump is used for conveying clear water without solid particles and liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. Water supply, heating, bathroom, boiler hot and cold water circulation, water supply of pressurized air conditioning refrigeration system and equipment matching and other occasions.

zjbetter has been focusing on the R&D and production of fire pumps for more than 19 years. As a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment, we have the responsibility and obligation to remind fire pump users that correct purchase is the key factor in dealing with the rear stability of fire safety. zjbetter supplies various types of fire pumps according to different fire safety environments, such as XBD-DL vertical multi-stage fire pump set, XBD-S single-stage double-suction fire pump set, etc. In view of the demand for stable water supply in high-rise buildings, we recommend ZWL vertical pressure booster equipment.

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