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Fire pump set to the Philippines, shipped in boxes

Nov 15, 2022
A customer of fire fighting equipment from the Philippines, the purchased fire fighting equipment has been successfully loaded on the truck today. It is composed of flap liquid level gauge, air supply air compressor, pneumatic valve air compressor and other components, and the fire water supply within 10 minutes. The device can also be connected in parallel with signals such as fire hydrants, fire buttons, smoke alarms, temperature and pressure to control fire pump equipment.

This equipment is suitable for hotels, factories, warehouses, residential quarters, office buildings, entertainment places, low-rise buildings that are inconvenient to set up high-level water tanks, or hidden projects, temporary buildings and other buildings that are not suitable for high-level water tanks.

zjbetter always takes customer satisfaction as the center goal. It has been manufactured with ingenuity for 17 years, strictly controls product quality with high standards, supports the customization of various types of fire pumps, provides guidance on installation, and conducts regular customer return visits to understand customer usage and equipment usage issues. , timely solution and timely improvement. zjbetter, let the fire be safer because of us.

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