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22 sets of dual power fire pumps for Iraq are being loaded!

Nov 03, 2022
In September, a customer from the Republic of Iraq ordered 22 sets of double-powered fire pumps from zjbetter, and all of them were completed in early November by Xizhiquan!
       For a long time, zjbetter fire pumps have been popular among foreign enterprises and have been exported to countries in the Middle East for a long time, and trade cooperation has been established for a long time. zjbetter fire pumps can take the international stage, why? What are its advantages? The following zjbetter editorial takes a look at the characteristics and advantages of zjbetter fire pump products.
When the utility power is normal, the electric pump set is put into work, and when the power supply fails, the electric fire pump cannot be put into use normally, the diesel fire pump set can be put into operation automatically to ensure that the fire fighting is carried out normally, the diesel fire pump set is configured with various automatic functions to meet the requirements of the standard, to ensure that the equipment is in a normal standby state for a long time and can be put into fire fighting work at any time.
The fire fighting double power water supply equipment is suitable for various emergency standby pump places.
The advantage of the fire pump product is that it is a more reliable way to ensure water safety when a fire occurs.
     The zjbetter fire pump is widely used in various fire hydrants, sprinkler fire main pump pump, also suitable for various fire pressure stabilization pump occasions, and also suitable for various villas, community and other fire fighting systems, industrial and civil building fire fighting systems, also suitable for various oil depots, oil loading and unloading terminals, logistics parks and other places with high fire fighting level requirements.

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