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Diesel engine fire pump sold to Vietnam is being assembled

Nov 03, 2022
The device has the following features:

1. The four-in-one pump, electric control cabinet, diaphragm air pressure tank and combined pipe network greatly shorten the design cycle of designers and construction time of construction personnel.

2. Low investment in equipment, fully automatic operation, no need for special personnel to take care of it.

3. The device has dual power supply interfaces, and the dual power supply is automatically (manually) switched.

4. With automatic protection and failover function. Any pump failure (electrical failure or hydraulic failure) can start the backup pump. It can also be connected to the fire center (according to design requirements).

     For a long time, all kinds of zjbetter fire pumps have been welcomed by foreign companies, and have been exported to Southeast Asia and other countries for a long time, and have established long-term trade relations. Why can zjbetter fire pump take the international stage? What are its advantages? The following zjbetter editor will take you to see the characteristics and advantages of zjbetter fire pump products:

When the mains is normal, the electric pump set is put into work. When the power supply fails and the electric fire pump cannot be put into use normally, the diesel engine fire pump set can be automatically put into operation to ensure the normal firefighting. The diesel engine fire pump set is equipped with various automatic functions to meet the Standard requirements to ensure that the equipment is in a normal standby state for a long time, and it can be put into fire fighting work at any time.
The fire pump is suitable for all kinds of emergency backup pump places.
The advantage of fire pump products is that when a fire occurs, it is a more reliable way to ensure water safety;
zjbetter fire pumps are widely used in various fire hydrants, sprinkler fire main pumps, and are also suitable for various fire pressurization and voltage stabilization pumps. It is also suitable for various oil depots, oil product loading and unloading terminals, logistics parks and other places with high fire protection level requirements.

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