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10 vertical multi-stage fire pump sets sent to Arabia!

Nov 02, 2022
At the end of August, 10 sets of Xizhiquan vertical multi-stage fire pumps ordered by Arab customers have been produced and are on their way to Iraq. This customer is used for fire protection equipment in high-rise residential areas. Xizhiquan customized these fire pumps according to customer needs. The reason why customers choose Xizhiquan is because they believe in Chinese manufacturing, believe in the power of zjbetter brand, and believe in 3CF certification.

XBD-DL series fire pump set is mainly used for fire hydrant fire extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system, etc. in fixed fire fighting systems of various enterprises and institutions, engineering construction, high-rise buildings, etc. It can transport clean water below 100°C without solid particles It can also be used for fire protection, living, production and shared water supply systems and buildings, and municipal government water supply and drainage.

The fire pump adopts special hydraulic design and structural design, so that it has flow and pressure grading, which is more suitable for the selection of building fire-fighting water supply system than ordinary centrifugal clean water pumps, and the flow-pressure characteristic curve is flat and has no hump. All parts of the friction parts due to rotation are made of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-meshing materials, which have high reliability. The multi-stage pump can be equipped with double water outlets, which has high bearing capacity, strong anti-overload capacity and sensitive starting. .
zjbetter keeps forging ahead, innovating and developing, and has formed a complete quality management system in the long-term practice, and is equipped with a skilled installation and commissioning after-sales service team to provide you with high-quality product after-sales service.

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