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What are the classifications of fire pumps?

Feb 17, 2023
There are many ways to classify fire pumps. According to whether there is a power source, they can be divided into: fire pumps without power sources (referred to as pumps); fire pump sets (referred to as pump sets), and fire pumps without power can be classified according to the following rules:
1. According to the occasion of use, it can be divided into: fire pumps for vehicles, fire pumps for ships, fire pumps for engineering, and fire pumps for others.
2. According to the outlet pressure level, it can be divided into low-pressure fire pumps, medium-pressure fire pumps, medium-low pressure fire pumps, high-pressure fire pumps, and high-low fire pumps.
3. According to the auxiliary features, it can be divided into ordinary fire pumps, deep well fire pumps and submersible fire pumps.
4. According to the purpose, it can be divided into water supply fire pump, voltage stabilized fire pump, and foam liquid fire pump.
The following is a brief introduction to several types of fire pumps.
Sprinkler pump: It is a fixed device in the fire sprinkler system. It is widely used at present and has the characteristics of low price, long life and high fire extinguishing efficiency. The fire sprinkler system can also work synchronously with other fire-fighting facilities, which can effectively control and extinguish the initial fire.
Stabilizing pump: The flow rate of the stabilizing pump is small. Usually, water is taken from the fire pool or high-level fire water tank and sent to the system to maintain the pressure in the system pipeline. When a fire occurs, it provides the flow for starting the system until the main fire pump starts. , the stabilizing pump needs to be equipped with a backup pump.
Fire hydrant pump: Fire hydrant pumps are divided into vertical single-stage, vertical multi-stage, horizontal multi-stage, horizontal single-stage and other structural forms, mainly used for pressurized water delivery in fire hydrant systems. The flow range of the transported liquid is generally 5-80L/s, the pressure range is 0.2-2.25MPa, the supporting power range is 1.5-200kW, and the diameter range is Ф50-Ф250mm.

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