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How should I pick a fire pump and what are the differences from ordinary domestic pumps?

Feb 17, 2023
Fire pumps, as the name implies, are pumps used for fire fighting. Fire pumps are imported foreign products and are divided into different types according to different classifications to be fully sealed, leak-free and corrosion-resistant.

  Widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire fighting and other departments, is used to pump all kinds of liquid, is the ideal pump to create a leak-free, pollution-free civilized workshop, civilized factory and fire fighting system. Pump types are similar, only the head and flow rate are different.

  The selection of fire pumps should be based on the process flow, drainage requirements, and other five aspects to be considered.

  Fire pumps are different from ordinary life pumps, the difference is that.

  (1) Fire pumps are used to ensure the water quantity and pressure of fire fighting water, involving personal safety and property protection, and must operate more reliably. The pump body is required to be more reasonable in structure, more appropriate in material and more reliable.

  (2) Fire fighting flow is relatively regular. Fire hydrant water supply system to 5L / s as a step increment. Automatic sprinkler system to corresponding to the light danger level, medium danger level, serious danger level flow value incremental.

  (3) Fire pump water supply is generally used by the pump directly to the fire extinguishing facilities (fire hydrant, sprinkler head) water supply. In the initial fire fighting or self-test operation for the small flow of water supply, in the fire development stage according to the design flow of water supply. When the pump flow ~ head curve is steep, it is easy to produce overpressure phenomenon when running at low flow, for which corresponding technical measures should be taken.

  (4) The fire pump is used to extinguish the fire, requiring rapid, timely, corresponding requirements for the fire pump priming time is shorter than ordinary life pump, start performance to better.

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