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The electric fire pump set produces abnormal noise, how to judge the fault of the equipment?

Feb 14, 2023
Noise is one of the most common problems when mechanical equipment is running. In order to better use and maintain equipment, we need to have a certain ability to distinguish whether it is normal operating noise or noise caused by equipment failure. And the noise generated by different parts also means that there may be different fault problems in the equipment. Shanghai Xizhiquan is a professional fire pump manufacturer, and the company's professional engineers will share with you various reasons for the noise of the motor and coupling.

1. Motor noise
When the motor is noisy, we need to distinguish whether it is the airflow noise of the motor cooling fan or other possible abnormal noises of the motor. The main causes of abnormal noise are as follows:

a) The frictional noise generated between the cooling fan and the fan cover can be checked by removing the fan cover to see if the noise disappears. You can make a judgment and adjust the fan blades and fan cover to solve this problem.

b) There are two main reasons for the failure of the motor rotor bearing. One is that the bearing is rusted due to water ingress, and the other is that the motor heats up abnormally. It is necessary to replace the motor bearing to solve the abnormal sound.

2. Coupling running noise
For a water pump with an elastic coupling, if the coupling part produces periodic abnormal noises and rubber powder falls off during operation, it can be basically judged that the noise is caused by poor alignment between the pump shaft and the motor shaft, and it needs to be shut down Re-align the shaft.

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