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In addition to the fire pump, what other components are there in the fire water supply system?

Feb 14, 2023
The fire pump is an indispensable type of equipment in the fire water supply system. Besides the fire pump and motor, what other equipment should be included? The following Shanghai Xizhiquan will popularize it for you.

1. Dual power supply cabinets that provide electrical energy for the fire protection system
2. In order to ensure the normal start and operation of the pump motor, the necessary control circuit is the starter cabinet
3. Pipeline valves, switch pressure gauges, etc., which can ensure normal water pressure.
The above several major components can form a complete fire water supply system, all of which are indispensable.

       When inspecting the water supply system, not only the water pumps and motors are inspected, but also the power supply, start-up control cabinet and pipe valves also need to be inspected regularly, so as to ensure that the entire fire extinguishing water system can operate normally when a fire comes.


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