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Congratulations on the successful commissioning of the fire fighting design in Myanmar!

Sep 26, 2022
Lately, masterminds from ZJ·better Pumps & ValvesCo.,Ltd. went to Myanmar for the commissioning of the fire pump outfit, and it was successfully commissioned. The fire pump outfit was used in a high- rise office structure  with  ZJ·better masterminds installing and commissioning the outfit on point.

ZJ BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO.LTD.  focuses on product quality and service, as long as the client needs, whether domestic or foreign, we go to the scene to help in commissioning, installation and conservation.

The complete set of fire- fighting automatic pressure- boosting and stabilizing water force outfit consists of two sets of stabilizing pumps( one can be set up according to the design conditions) for one use and one buttress, one diaphragm type stabilizing tank, one electric control press, one set of instrument faucets and one set of combined pipe network, which makes up the diaphragm type stabilizing water force outfit.

The outfit has the following characteristics

1, pump, electric control press, diaphragm type pressure tank, combined pipe network four in one, greatly reducing the design cycle of contrivers and construction time of construction labor force.

2 、 outfit investment saving, full-automatic operation, no need for manned supervision.

3 、 outfit with binary power force interface, binary power force automatic( homemade) switching.

4 、 With automatic protection and fault switchingfunction.However, it can start the backup pump, If any one pump fails( electrical or hydraulic failure). It can also be connected to the fire fighting centre( according to the design needs).

Zhejiang Bede fire- fighting automatic pressurisation and pressure stabilisation water force sets are used for fire- fighting, scattering and pressure stabilisation water force in artificial and civil structures, fixed pressure water force for HVAC, air- exertion and boilers; concealed systems, temporary structures and small artificial and mining, and water force for living in remote areas.

To be a world class security enterprise and achieve the thing of transnational business. ZJ·better strives to push its products to the world and make its services perfect. On the road of foreign trade, ZJ·better will go further and further. Integrity- grounded, client focus, attention to detail, ZJ·better to integrity as the foundation, pay attention to client requirements, concentrate on every product and service details, and strive to achieve the most satisfactory degree of client, the ultimate client satisfaction is the ultimate thing of ZJ·better. ZJ·better high norms, refinement and zero blights have contributed to the quality assurance of ZJ·better products. Thanks to the trust and support of all our guests, ZJ·better will continue to strive for perfection and excellence!

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