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Sep 15, 2020
1. Self priming pump type selection error, for example, the actual working condition of the self-priming pump head is only 10 meters, but the user has chosen the self-priming pump with the head of 20 meters or even 30 meters. After use, the motor is seriously hot. The reason is that the actual delivery head is too low than the self-priming pump head, which causes the pump outlet flow to be too large, and then causes the motor current to rise, resultself-priming pump.
ing in the phenomenon that the self-priming pump motor is hot, and even burned in serious cases electric machinery. Solution: install a valve at the pump outlet, close the outlet valve to control the flow of the self-priming pump to reduce the current. If the head difference is too large, adjusting the valve can not solve the problem, then only replace the low head

Let's first understand what parts an office chair is made of. Ordinary casters or PU wheels; an office chair seat made of wood, sponge, or fabric; a chassis that holds the seat; a chair lift that adjusts the height of the chair and allows the chair to rotate Rod; electroplated, surface-polished office chair feet. These parts are indispensable. If the quality is not qualified, a good office furniture chair cannot be made.

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