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There are three main reasons for the shrinkage of fire pumps

Feb 06, 2023
violent vibrating pump

It is possible to automatically rotate the rotor without obstacles, or the coupling is not well combined, and the bearing is worn out; it can also be rotated all loose, broken; or maybe it is because the pipe support is not strong, etc. Discern, repair, reinforce, to cause change.

Leaks or ventilation ducts

It can be used as a bolt that is not tightened tightly. If the leakage is not serious, the lime slurry caught in the center of the fire pump lime can be ventilated or seeped or mixed with tar. For temporary repairs, apply some damp mud or a soft towel. If you're leaking in the joints, then tighten the bolts by hand. Leakage mainly has to be disassembled from a new one.

Because the total pressure is too tight, the automatic rotor can be unobstructed, the fire pump or coupling is not well combined, and the bearings are worn out; Discern, repair, reinforce, to cause change.

Frozen water cannot enter the material, or the nominal protection of the shaft. Appropriate aggregate, clearing measures such as seal pipe obstruction can be taken. Total wear must be changed to a new one. The butter of the penetration unit, in order for the slang to be staggered, this can reduce the penetration. After the first circle is installed, the gland should always be tightened to adjust the thickness.

The fire pump does not absorb or does not drain the pump. The cause of the fire pump is stuck for the bottom valve, the level of filtered water is too high, all the silts, the fire pump is water-absorbing or water-permeable, and the impeller channel can be blocked by turning. It can be distinguished that the bottom valve is repaired, the blockage is eliminated, the steering is correct, the impeller is cleaned and other measures are taken to solve the problem.

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