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Fire pump maintenance rules

Feb 03, 2023
The long-term operation of the fire pump puts a lot of pressure on the equipment, especially under the condition of continuous large flow, more attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. So what are the maintenance rules for fire pumps?

1. The long-term operation of the stabilized fire pump requires a certain bearing capacity. It is forbidden for the fire pump to continue to operate for a long time under the condition of cavitation and large flow, and the equipment motor is in the state of excessive flow for a long time.

2. Regularly check the tightness of the bolts at the joints of the fire pump installation. Loose bolts will cause severe vibration during operation of the equipment and affect normal use. At the same time, it is forbidden to start the fire pump in the dry grinding state, otherwise the damage to the mechanical seal will be serious.

3. It must be used within the specified working conditions of the fire pump, and regularly check the motor flow value of the fire pump to see if it is overloaded. Before the equipment is started, the electric motor pump can be rotated a few times to prevent the equipment from suddenly starting and causing parts to break and break.

4. The working temperature of the bearing is around 50°C, so a lubricating grease with good heat resistance and waterproof should be selected. Every time the stabilized fire pump runs for 500 hours, it needs to add lubricating oil. It is best to choose a suitable lubricating oil, which is heat-resistant and waterproof, and add it to the bearing part of the pump. When adding lubricating oil, keep it clean and free of particles, which can reduce the wear and tear of the fire pump during operation.

5. Mechanical equipment such as fire pumps are prone to wear and tear after long-term operation. It is recommended to arrange a thorough inspection every year. For severely worn bearings and vulnerable parts, disassemble and replace them if necessary.

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