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Six Secrets of Fire Pump Engine Longevity

Feb 03, 2023
Tip 1: Grinding is running-in. This is the basis for extending the service life of the engine. Whether it is a new engine or an overhauled engine, it must be run-in according to the regulations before it can be put into normal operation.

     Secret 2: Purification means cleansing of oil, water, air and body. If the diesel and gasoline are impure, the precise matching body will be worn out, and the fitting gap will increase, resulting in oil leakage, oil dripping, lower oil supply pressure, larger gap, and even serious failures such as oil circuit blockage, shaft holding, and tile burning. ;If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring; if the cooling water is impure, the cooling system will be blocked by scale, which will hinder the heat dissipation of the engine, the lubrication condition will become poor, and the body will wear seriously; If the surface is not clean, the surface will be corroded and the service life will be shortened.

     Tip 3: Feet are oil feet, water feet, and air feet. If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, the engine lubrication will be poor, the engine body will be severely worn and even burnt; if the cooling water is insufficient, the engine temperature will be too high, the power will drop, the wear will increase, and the service life will be shortened; if the air supply is not timely or interrupted , there will be difficulty in starting, poor combustion, power drop, and the engine cannot run normally.

     Tip 4: Inspection That is, check the fastening parts frequently. Due to the influence of vibration, shock and uneven load during the use of diesel engines and gasoline engines, bolts and nuts are easy to loosen. The adjusting bolts of each part must be checked to avoid accidents that damage the machine body due to looseness.

     Tip 5: Adjustment means that the valve clearance, valve timing, fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure and ignition timing of diesel or gasoline engines should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is in good condition, so as to save fuel and prolong the service life .

     Secret six: use the engine correctly. Before starting, the lubricating parts such as shafts and bushes should be lubricated. After starting, wait until the water temperature is above 40°C before putting it into operation. Prolonged overloading or low-speed operation is strictly prohibited. Before stopping, unload the load and reduce the speed. After parking in winter, drain the cooling water when the water temperature drops to 50°C.

     Observe and check frequently, find faults, eliminate them in time, and do a good job of engine maintenance at ordinary times, so that the machine can always be kept in good running condition. If you have the need to purchase fire pumps, please contact us by phone.

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