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How to reasonably arrange and debug the fire pump

Mar 03, 2023
1.Check the installation environment of the fire pump and perform a trial operation to confirm that the fire pump meets the installation requirements.
2. Check the fire pump, fire pump accessories, power supply and other related equipment, and ensure that all parts are qualified and meet the requirements of the fire pump.
3. Check the piping system of the fire pump and the interface of the fire pump and its accessories. Make sure that the pipe diameter is correct and the connection is reliable.
4. Adjust the parameters of the fire pump according to the environment and conditions.
5. Connect the fire pump to the power supply, check the wiring and ensure that it is connected correctly.
6. Start the fire pump and perform debugging and tests according to the requirements.
7. After the debugging is successful, the fire pump should be tested to ensure that the performance is qualified.
8. Finally, the fire pump should be inspected and accepted.

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