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How to check the sealing performance of diesel engine fire pump

Mar 07, 2023
1. Perform a static pressure test: Connect a pressure gauge to the discharge side of the fire pump and pressurize the system to ensure that the pressure reading is within the designed operating range.

2. Perform a flow test: Connect a flow meter to the discharge side of the fire pump and measure the amount of flow produced by the pump. The amount of flow should be within the rated flow range of the pump.

3. Perform a vibration test: Check for any unusual vibration or noise coming from the pump during operation. If any unusual noise or vibration is detected, it could indicate a problem with the pump or the seals.

4. Inspect the seals: Check the seals for any signs of wear or damage. If any signs of wear or damage are present, the seals may need to be replaced.

5. Check for leaks: Look for any signs of leakage from the pump or its connections. Leaks can be caused by worn or damaged seals, so it is important to inspect them regularly.

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