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How to save fuel for diesel engine fire pump?

Jun 14, 2023
Generally speaking, fire pump and diesel engine fire pump have a large water flow and a large total flow, and the operation of machinery and equipment will consume more fuel.
diesel fire pump set

In order to better save automobile oil, some customers often do various bad behaviors that endanger the characteristics of the generator set. So, how to effectively save automobile oil without compromising the characteristics and high efficiency of the generator set?
diesel fire water pump
1. Increase the temperature of the cooling circulating water of the diesel engine. The temperature increase can make the diesel engine ignite more completely, and the kinematic viscosity will be small, which can reduce the frictional resistance of fitness exercise, and can achieve the actual effect of fuel saving.

2. Moderately adjust the working pressure of the oil pump of the fuel injection pump. During the long-term operation of the diesel engine fire pump, the inspection and adjustment must be carried out regularly.

3. Ensure that the equipment does not leak oil. Diesel engine fire pump oil leakage is also one of the more common conditions. On the one hand, oil leakage will cause a lot of loss of automobile oil, and on the other hand, it will cause unnecessary safety hazards. In response to such a situation, I propose to apply cylinder paint to the gasket and grind it off the glass, positive high pressure hose. Add diesel engine acquisition equipment, which can connect the return oil pipe on the injector with the hollow screw with a plastic hose, so that the return oil can be injected into the car fuel tank.

4. Clean the fuel before use. Fuels with less residue last slightly longer. The choice of precipitation or clean fuel is conducive to reducing the loss of automobile oil.

5. Improve the rotational speed ratio of the centrifugal water pump, so that the total flow and the pump head can be increased, and the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving can also be achieved.

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