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Fuel-efficient tips of diesel engine fire pump

Sep 15, 2020
Everyone say that the diesel engine fire pump consume lot of oils and expensive to use. In fact, diesel engine fire pump can achieve the fuel-efficient aim. What is the key?

One. Adjust the fuel injection pressure of the injector. The diesel engine fire pump has long-term run and needs regular inspection and adjustment.
Two. Increase the temperature of the diesel engine cooling water. The increase of water temperature can make the diesel burn more completely, the viscosity of the oil will be smaller, the movement resistance can be reduced, and can save the fuel.
Three. Increase the pump speed, the flow rate and head.
Four. Use the purified oil. In general, oils with less impurities can be used for a long time. Use precipitated or purified oil will reduce oil consumption.
Five. Ensure that the machine does not leak oil. We all know that oil leakage not only causes a lot of oil consumption, but also brings additional safety risks. In the face of such a situation, it is better to use a valve paint to gasket and smooth it on glass plate and positive oil pipe joints. Equip with a diesel recovery device, and connect the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle and hollow core screw with a plastic pipe to make the return oil flow into the oil tank.

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