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Countermeasures to prevent common failures of fire pumps

Oct 28, 2022
ZJbetter summarizes the countermeasures for common failures of fire pumps, hoping to give you some reference when needed.

First, the prevention of fire pump gas binding phenomenon countermeasures
    Centrifugal fire pump needs to be filled with liquid manually before starting, in order to drain the air accumulated in the pump casing, when filling the pump, ensure that the bottom valve of the suction line has good closure; if it is a centrifugal fire pump with automatic pumping system, ensure that the automatic pumping system works normally; check the sealing of the suction line regularly to prevent the air from being sucked in by poor sealing, so as to avoid the reappearance of the air binding phenomenon in the pump during operation and affect the work. work.

Second, the prevention of fire pump cavitation phenomenon countermeasures
   Control, adjust the installation height of the pump, so that the installation height between the suction port of the pump and the liquid surface does not exceed the maximum allowable installation height, especially the mobile fire pump, if the normal suction and discharge of liquid, it is possible that the installation height is not appropriate. By reducing the installation height or pouring installation that can be solved.
    Or in front of the pump to add a small-capacity reservoir to increase the height of the liquid level, improve the static pressure, thereby shortening the distance between the liquid level of the suction reservoir and the pump inlet, to prevent cavitation.
    Can also prevent cavitation by reducing the flow resistance loss on the pump suction line. Within the allowable range, try to shorten the length of the suction pipeline, less elbows, valves and other fittings, and appropriately increase the diameter of the suction pipeline.
    By improving the strength and anti-abrasion of pump material, it can also effectively reduce the erosion of the pump by cavitation, so as to reduce the damage to the pump by cavitation and prolong its service life. In the selection of impeller materials, as far as possible, choose high hardness and high elasticity materials manufactured with strong resistance to cavitation.

Third, to prevent the electric fire pump motor overload
    Correctly choose the matching motor with the pump performance parameters to prevent the motor power from being too small and overload for a long time; check whether the export valve is in a fully closed state before starting the pump to prevent the motor from burning out due to excessive starting current; carry out maintenance according to the technical parameters of the motor, check the power supply voltage and current per phase to ensure that the error is within the allowed range.

Fourth, prevent abnormal vibration and wear of fire pump
    Fire pump installation should be secure, regularly check its solidity, especially the foot or back bolts, to prevent fasteners from loosening.
    Strengthen monitoring by monitoring the vibration waveform when the pump is running, and regularly check and repair the wear between the impeller and the seal ring to find and eliminate hidden problems in time; when the pump is found to vibrate abnormally after starting, it should be decisively analyzed whether there is cavitation, whether the impeller is balanced, whether the pump shaft and motor shaft are concentric or whether the shaft has been deformed, and then take corresponding disposal measures.

Five, to prevent the fire pump seal leakage
    Centrifugal fire pump when there is a small leak generally will not cause an accident, but will affect the fire scene fire water or foam supply efficiency, therefore, the use of packing seal fire pump, strengthen the inspection of the sealing packing.
    If it is found that the seal is not strict, the packing should be replaced in time to prevent the fire pump from leaking during operation and affecting its effectiveness.

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