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Advantages of XBC-IS diesel engine fire pump

Jun 14, 2023
Diesel engine fire pumps are currently the popular fire pumps on the market, especially large warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemicals, power plants, and liquefied gas stations, which often require such high-flow, high-power fire pumps.

XBC-IS diesel engine fire pump has many advantages:

1. After receiving the fire alarm/pipe network pressure/power failure/or other starting signal, the diesel engine pump unit of the equipment can automatically start and operate at full load within 15 seconds;
2. The diesel engine pump unit below 360kw adopts the domestically created direct connection technology between the diesel engine and the water pump through the elastic coupling, which reduces the failure points, greatly shortens the starting time of the unit, and increases the reliability and emergency performance of the unit;
3. The unit can be equipped with an AC220V cooling water preheating and heating device, which can ensure the normal operation of the unit in an environment below 5°C;
4. The automatic alarm function will automatically alarm and protect according to the faults such as low oil pressure and high water temperature of the diesel engine, and then alarm and stop when the speed is exceeded to reduce damage;
5. The built-in fuel tank runs longer; the diesel engine fire pump automatically starts the control panel, and the inspection hole cover is easy to clean;
6. The part of the pump body and pump cover of the diesel engine fire pump is divided from the back of the impeller, that is, the so-called rear door structure;
7. During maintenance, the pump body, the suction pipeline, the discharge pipeline and the motor are not moved, and the rotor part can be withdrawn for maintenance only by removing the intermediate connecting piece of the coupling, which is very convenient.

As a professional fire pump manufacturer, Better's XBC-IS diesel engine fire pump has the advantages of good startability, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use and high degree of automation. Welcome to order!

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