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Why do firefighters use multistage pumps? what are the characteristics

Jan 28, 2023
There are many types of fire-fighting equipment. Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers are the most common types. The other is the fire pump, which is the heart of the fire-fighting system and plays an important role in pressurizing and supplying water for the fire-fighting system. Among the numerous fire pump products, fire pumps can be divided into multi-stage and single-stage fire pumps.

       The multi-stage pump has high efficiency, corrosion resistance, reliable operation and other performances. The pump body has strong bearing capacity, strong anti-overload ability, and relatively sensitive start-up. Below, Shanghai Xizhiquan Pump and Valve Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the relevant characteristics of multi-stage pumps. First of all, Shanghai Xizhiquan multistage pump has the characteristics of compact structure, the distance between parts is small, and the volume is small. The operation of the equipment is stable, the service life is long, and the vibration generated during operation is small, so the practical life of the equipment is relatively long.

       With its unique structure, the direction of the water inlet and outlet can be adjusted according to different needs, so it is suitable for various places and environments. Moreover, the direction of the water inlet and outlet is horizontal, and the bending of the pipeline is reduced in the connection of the pipeline, thereby simplifying the connection of the pipeline and greatly enhancing the efficiency of the fire protection system.

       The efficient operation efficiency of multi-stage pumps has been applied in many larger places with higher fire protection requirements. Its function is mainly to pressurize and send water to the fire-fighting pipeline system. The multi-stage pump is not only suitable for various fire-fighting systems, but also can be used for industrial drainage, pressurized water supply for domestic water in high-rise buildings, long-distance water delivery, water cycle pressurization, etc. occasion.

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