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What is the difference between vertical and horizontal fire pumps? Which is more commonly used?

Jan 28, 2023
Among the fire pipeline pumps, they can be divided into vertical fire pumps and horizontal fire pumps according to different installation methods. Many people have doubts about these two common pumps. What is the difference between the two? Shanghai Xizhiquan will explain the difference between horizontal and vertical for you.

        Obviously, different installation methods have different floor space. The vertical pipeline pump is installed vertically, and the floor space is relatively small, and the vertical fire pump does not need to lay a foundation, while the horizontal fire pump needs a base.

        According to the different structures of the two pumps, it can be concluded that the maintenance difficulty of the two types of fire pipeline pumps is also somewhat different. The maintenance of the vertical fire pump impeller needs to be removed from top to bottom, which is difficult to maintain; the horizontal fire pump only needs to remove the inlet pipe to repair the impeller, which is relatively simple.

        Due to the different directions of the water inlet and outlet pipes, the vertical and horizontal pipe connection methods are also different. Since the vertical water pump is a bottom-up structure, while the horizontal fire pump is arranged longitudinally on the base, the motor of the vertical pump and the pump body are connected by sub-ports, while the horizontal pump requires The coupling is used to connect with the motor, and the horizontal pipeline pump needs regular alignment work.

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