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How to install a diesel fire pump is more appropriate?

Jan 12, 2023
How to install a diesel fire pump is more appropriate?
zjbetter engaged in the design, production and sales of fire pumps for more than a decade, during the service of a variety of companies, enterprises in all walks of life, especially like steel plants, chemical plants, or like hotels, hospitals, such high-rise building projects have been water supply projects, accumulated some experience details, today here to share with you.

That is the installation of diesel engine fire pumps. To run your equipment high efficiency but also save energy, the design and quality of the product itself is very important we all know by heart, but in fact there is an important factor is often easy to ignore, where the diesel engine installation is more appropriate. If the installation is not appropriate, the equipment in operation will be a major headache, vibration, noise, energy consumption, etc..
Diesel fire pumps are suitable for unattended emergency water supply fire fighting systems, with high automation, superior performance and complete protection functions. When a building or factory suddenly loses power and the electricity cannot be supplied, the diesel emergency water supply pump set can automatically start to supplement the pressure of the pipe network. So many customers in the purchase of fire pumps are to follow the principle of "one spare, one use", to electric fire pumps as the main, diesel fire pumps as a supplement. How to install a diesel fire pump?

 Generally speaking, we recommend installing a diesel fire pump in a naturally ventilated place, with sufficient size of vents and exhausts, and with vents positioned to ensure sufficient fresh air supply for diesel combustion within the temperature limit. Of course it is also possible to use the water supply radiator to take away the heat from the circulating cooling water and to take away the heat emitted from the surface of the unit. If the space cannot meet the requirements of natural ventilation and cannot dissipate heat effectively, it is recommended that you adopt the method of forced ventilation by adding inlet fans and exhaust fans to the vents, the choice of which should be able to provide sufficient cool air for the diesel engine and at the same time take away the hot air in the engine room. Generally speaking, the air intake of the unit should be 6-7 times the air intake of the diesel engine, as long as this is the case, in order to ensure normal ventilation and improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

    There must also be fixed firmly, which can support the whole unit and ensure that the unit is in a horizontal state to absorb vibration. Generally speaking, the foundation of the unit is made of concrete structure, the length and width of which are 150-250mm on one side of the length and width dimensions of the chassis of the unit, and the depth is 300-600mm, and the height of the ground bolts extending out of the horizontal surface should be about 2 times of the diameter of the bolts. And there should be 750mm of access on both sides of the unit as well as in the front position for the operator's inspection and general maintenance.

    The above is some of better's installation experience, I hope it can bring you some help, such as purchasing needs can be in the official website home page contact customer service consulting details.

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