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Customers from Singapore specially came to Zhejiang, China to purchase diesel engine fire pumps, and visited the better factory! !

Jan 10, 2023
Diesel engine fire pump, as a large-flow water supply equipment for fire fighting in the new era, can be said to be gradually replacing ordinary fire pumps. No, this company from Singapore traveled thousands of miles to Quzhou to purchase high-quality diesel engine fire pumps.

         Which diesel engine fire pump is better? Where can I buy a quality diesel fire pump? Speaking of it, the fire protection series products are actually indispensable safety equipment for every company, every community, and every department.

        zjbetter received a call from Singapore. The caller was calling for the first time, and they were inquiring about diesel engine fire pumps. Unlike ordinary purchasing customers, although this customer does not work in the field of fire pumps, he has a good understanding of the performance of fire pumps. After careful communication It was found that the customer had done enough homework in order to find a high-quality diesel engine fire pump, and had contacted a number of diesel engine fire pump manufacturers earlier.

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