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What kind of power is generally used in fire pumps, how can we know

Jan 28, 2023
As we all know, when a fire breaks out, the circuit is very prone to open circuit. When the fire fighting equipment relies on the power source as the power source, it cannot start the equipment, so it cannot play the role of fire fighting. At this time, the power source of the fire pump equipment is considered by people. a big problem. In fire fighting equipment, what power source is really reliable and guaranteed? Zjbetter, who has 19 years of experience in fire pump production, would like to introduce to you the following about our company's diesel engine fire pump set XBC-D equipment.

      This set of fire pump set is a complete set of consumer water supply equipment composed of X6135, 4102, 12V135, 4105, 6102 series diesel engines as the power source, and equipped with diesel tanks, control panels, fans, cooling water tanks and other components.

      The equipment has the characteristics of complete functions, stable performance, good starting characteristics, compact structure, strong overload capacity, easy operation and maintenance, automation, etc. It can be connected with automatic alarm device or fire center, and can also realize automatic start, automatic protection, automatic preheating, Automatic switching (diesel engine pump set, electric pump set) and other functions.

     The pump station can be equipped with two power sources, diesel engine and electric motor. Generally, the electric pump is set as the main pump, and the diesel engine pump is set as the backup pump. It will start automatically when there is no power supply for firefighting. Among the two water intake methods of fire pump self-priming and suction, due to the requirements of fire protection regulations, the pump unit generally adopts the self-priming water diversion method. But it can also be changed according to user needs.

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