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This deflation operation before the fire pump is put into operation is so important

Jan 28, 2023
Fire pumps are a type of pump used in fire protection. Compared with ordinary water pumps, fire pumps have higher standards and requirements in terms of sealing, corrosion resistance, and operating efficiency. Before the fire pump equipment runs, we need to discharge the gas in the water pump, do you know what is the meaning of this? The following is the answer from Shanghai Xizhiquan for you.

1. If there is gas in the fire pump, the equipment cannot form a sufficient vacuum during operation, resulting in the inability of the liquid to be sucked up. This phenomenon is called air binding, and many operators do not understand this operation often a phenomenon that would result.
2. By understanding the causes of qi binding, we will understand how to avoid this problem. Before starting the fire pump equipment, the pump casing needs to be filled with liquid. A check valve should be installed at the suction pipe of the pump, which can effectively prevent the liquid in the pump from flowing into the low-level tank due to gravity. If the pump is located at a low position, there is no need to prime the pump.
3. The compressed gas in the fire pump will occupy a certain space in the fire pump, making it impossible to seal.

      Therefore, the deflation operation of the fire pump before it is put into use can increase the vacuum degree of the equipment and increase the pumping capacity of the pump, thereby effectively improving the efficiency of the equipment and reducing waste of resources.

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