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One Hundred Thousand Whys About Fire Pump Bearings

Jan 29, 2023
Fire pump bearings are one of the common parts in mechanical equipment all over the world. Of course, the common fire pumps outside also contain bearings, and they play a very important role. There is also a lot of professional knowledge about bearings. The following zjbetter will share with you about the fire pump rolling shaft.

What kind of bearings are unqualified bearings?
1. Loss of rotation accuracy
2. Large rotation resistance
3. There is noise during operation.

What causes rolling bearings to overheat?
1. Wrong installation direction
2. Loose or worn
3. Insufficient amount of lubricating oil, oil quality
4. Deformation of the oil throwing ring leads to failure to carry oil
5. Small axial clearance

What kind of fire pump rolling bearings can be judged as scrapped?
1. The raceways of the inner and outer rings are peeled off, cracked or severely worn.
2. The rolling body is out of round or the surface is peeled off, with cracks.
3. The cage is seriously deformed or worn, and the rolling elements cannot be fixed.
4. There is vibration or noise when turning, and there is reverse reversal or braking when stopping.
5. The fit clearance of the bearing exceeds the maximum value of the specified clearance.

What is the reason for the scale peeling phenomenon of the rolling surface of the rolling element and the track surface of the inner and outer rings of the bearing?
1. Overload
2. Poor installation
3. The lubricant is not suitable or there is foreign matter intrusion
4. The bearings are rusted, corroded, worn, etc.
5. The bearing clearance is not suitable
6. The precision of the shaft and bearing box is not good, the rigidity of the bearing box is uneven, and the deflection of the shaft is large

What are the causes of rolling bearing vibration?
1. Random vibration due to improper installation and lubrication.
2. Random vibration generated by rolling element transmission.

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