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If you want to make the fire pump last longer, start with understanding these parts

Jan 29, 2023
The failure or damage of equipment is often caused by the damage of wearing parts. Fire pumps also have wearing parts. We need to pay special attention during use and maintenance. Regular replacement and inspection are very necessary. So what are the wearing parts of a fire pump? What should we pay attention to when using it?

1. Pump casing. The water pump is affected by mechanical force or thermal stress during operation, and it is prone to cracks and cavitation. In the severe cold winter, if the water in the pump casing is not released, it may freeze and rupture.
2. Pump shaft. Improper use or installation of the pump shaft of the water pump may easily cause cracks, breakage, bending, journal wear, and thread damage.
3. The impeller. The impeller is thinned or eccentrically worn due to the formation of pockets or perforations due to cavitation, and the severely eroded impeller will be crushed by debris and needs to be repaired or replaced as appropriate.
4. Sliding bearings. The bearing bush of the sliding bearing is generally made of copper tin alloy, which has poor wear resistance and is easy to wear and burn out. The average service life under normal use and maintenance is 5000 hours.
5. Mouth ring. Also known as anti-friction ring or anti-leakage, it is also one of the parts that are easier to wear in fire pumps. After wear, it can be repaired or replaced by turning.
6. Filling. If used for a long time, it will harden, causing the water pump to leak air and water, just replace it with a new packing.
7. Water pump oil seal. The oil seal is made of rubber, which is easy to age and wear.

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