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XBC-IS end suction diesel fire pump

Head:<18 bar
Speed:1500-1800 rpm
Battery:12V or 24V
XBC-IS end suction diesel fire pump
Product Structure
Product Introduction of XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump group is a new-style fire-fighting equipment developed in accordance with GB6245-98 and NEPA20 standard, and upon the fitted fire-fighting pumps (single-stage single-suction type, single-stage double-suction type and sectional multistage type), can be divided into XBC-IS, XBC-S and XBC-D three sub series. The equipment has a wide range of pressure and temperature and can be used for almost every occasion necessary for fire-fighting. The diesel engine fitted with the equipment is an excellent product domestic or imported, features good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance and use and high degree of automation. The equipment is really a fire-fighting one advanced and reliable in performance.
Product Advantages
It can run in the condition of power cut.
It can fully run in 15 seconds after the start signal.
Use Universal Joint, high transmission efficiency. 
Good stability, vibration proof.
Professional Technological
Motor pump is duty pump, diesel engine is for standby
Completely automatic control panel.
Suitable for any emergency firefighting occasions.
Customized product.
Jockey pump and pressure vessel can save some electric power.
 It can be remote controlled by App in phones.
Chemical plant
High-rise buildings
Fire departments
Boats & ports
Logistics storage
Product details
Diesel engine
Diesel engine
Contorl panel
Contorl panel
PLC module design easy to operate
Strong base
Strong base
Customized according to customer reauirements
Bare shaft pump
Bare shaft pump
which can be chosen based on different rated flow and head
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