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What to pay attention to when choosing a fire pump certification company and how to maintain a fire hydrant pump

Dec 30, 2022
What to pay attention to when choosing a fire pump certification company and how to maintain a fire hydrant pump

Fire pumps are pumps used in fire fighting. They are divided into different types. Because of their fully sealed, non-exposed and corrosion-resistant characteristics, they are widely used in environmental protection, water management, fire protection and other departments to pump various liquids. They are leak-free and non-toxic. The ideal pumps for polluting elegant workshops and civilized factories are similar to the pumps used for fire protection, but the head and flow are different.

1. Adjust the tightness of the packing gland at any time according to the operating conditions of the fire pump. Seasoning seal drips 30 to 60 drops per minute.

2. Pay attention to the wear of the seasoning and adjust the filler in time. When replacing the packing, every time the packing is replaced, the joints of each adjacent packing should be staggered by more than 90 degrees, the water seal pipe should be aligned with the water seal pipe, and the opening of the outermost packing should be downward.

3. The fire pump should increase the lubrication or grease in the bearing in time to ensure that the oil level is normal, and check the oil quality change on a regular basis. If the oil quality is not good, replace it with new oil.

4. Regularly check the limit switch of the electric power valve and the manual and electric interlocking equipment.

5. The vibration of the pump should be checked regularly. When the vibration is unreasonable, the cause should be found out and dealt with in time.

6. Check, adjust and replace valve packing regularly to ensure no water leakage, no oil stain and no rust.

7. When using soft packing to seal, the packing should be added at any time according to the actual situation to prevent leakage.

8. The parts and components of the fire pump should be completely intact, and the handwriting on the assigned nameplate should be clear.

9. The external parts of the equipment should be perfect: no rust, no oil leakage, no electricity leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage.


        The focus of the next step for fire pump manufacturers is how to maintain and maintain them. The more you pay attention to maintaining it, the more time you spend getting the product.

The maintenance of the fire hydrant pump is too much.

First, every time it is used, the location must be checked to ensure that the power supply and circuit of the fire protection system are in normal working condition. It is important to check regularly, 5 days a month. What to check? The lubricating oil level in the pump must be checked, and the filling position must be checked to see if it is in the center of the oil window or not above the center line.

Second, be punctual when checking the water on the pump and record relevant information. After the pump is officially started, check the operation of the float ball, and there must be no water in the exhaust pipe. If so, replace the floating ball seal in time. After the pump is started, check whether the exhaust is normal, whether the vacuum device is tightly sealed, and whether the exhaust is normal.

Fire pump manufacturers believe that the importance of maintenance and maintenance of fire hydrant pumps makes the service life longer

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