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How to maintain the fire pump correctly and choose the electrified power reasonably

Feb 02, 2023
How to maintain the fire pump is the simplest and most economical repair. It is necessary to prevent damage to the fire pump that prolongs the service life and prolong the service life. Naturally, it saves us money. In order to save costs, our daily maintenance can be like this.

First of all, check whether the oil level is normal and cannot reach the oil mark line on the normal surface. If it is not, we must replenish it in time, but remember one thing, it cannot exceed the amount of the oil quantity indicator line.

Secondly, check the radiator. The water is appropriate. If it is not added in time, the water that needs to be added must be clean water, as long as it is clean water, or tap water is fine. Why not use groundwater, because impurities in groundwater can easily form scales in the water tank, which affects the cooling effect and is also prone to failure. In winter, we drive to preheat the car, add coolant to the car, and the fire pump is no exception. The weather in the north is very cold, so add the coolant to the fire pump according to the actual temperature.

Finally, check the installation of each part of the fire pump, such as whether they are stable, the connection between the screw and the screw, if there is any looseness, tighten the screw in time. To clean the fire pump, soak a canvas or dry cloth and wipe slowly on the body or on surfaces made of grease or dust.

Only when the power is in the normal range can the fire pump be used efficiently. The requirements for the use of pump equipment are relatively strict, and there may not even be a slight leak, otherwise the use of the pump will be adversely affected. I hope that you need to know before using the pump. Remember:

The energizing power should be selected reasonably.

1. Water irrigation treatment Before selecting the power-on power, make sure that the fire pump is turned off, and the water in the pump should be filled to increase the suction, so as to make the pressure difference larger and quickly clean up some acid-base reagents and other pollutants. Make sure to fill the water well.

2. Selection of electrified power The horsepower of the fire pump will be selected according to the size of the pump. Before electrifying the pump, carefully check the electrical power. Once the power is not grasped accurately, it is easy to cause insufficient suction. Therefore, in order to make it have sufficient suction, the power should be selected reasonably. If there is no electricity, the fire pump cannot be started, let alone used. But does it mean that the pump can be used as long as there is electricity? Not necessarily, the pump can only be used if the electrified power is reasonable and the voltage is within the normal range.

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