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The difference and basic working principle of fire pump, vacuum pump vacuum degree and vacuum technology

Feb 13, 2023
Fire pump, vacuum technology is a technology that uses imported vacuum pumps, vacuum units and other vacuum systems to complete specific processes, and is widely used in various industrial production and scientific research work. Such as: petroleum (vacuum distillation), chemical industry, canned food, metallurgy, light bulbs and electron tubes and other production, the equipment generally adopts vacuum technology.

Vacuum pump Vacuum level Vacuum technology

       The level of vacuum is determined by the remaining pressure after the air and other material vapors in the container are drawn out. The more pumped out, the lower the pressure inside the container, that is, the higher the vacuum. However, Yazhiled Electromechanical Technology reminds everyone that there is no absolute vacuum. The level of vacuum is represented by "vacuum degree", and its unit is mmHg or "Torr". 1 Torr is 1 millimeter of mercury.

      Fire pumps and metering pumps are mainly composed of three parts: power drive, fluid delivery and regulation control. The power drive device drives the fluid delivery diaphragm to reciprocate through the mechanical linkage system:

The diaphragm (piston) will be inhaled by the delivery fluid in the first half of the stroke and discharged from the pump head in the second half; therefore, changing the reciprocating frequency of the stroke or the stroke length of each reciprocating movement can achieve the purpose of adjusting the fluid delivery volume . Precise processing accuracy ensures the pumping volume each time and realizes the precise metering of the conveyed medium.


Metering pump basic working principle

      Due to the difference in power drive and fluid delivery methods, metering pumps can be roughly divided into two types: plunger type and diaphragm type.

1. Plunger metering pump

There are mainly two kinds of ordinary valve pumps and valveless pumps. Piston metering pumps are widely used in the petrochemical industry because of their simple structure and high temperature and high pressure resistance. Aiming at the deficiency of ordinary plunger pumps for high-viscosity media under high-pressure conditions, a valveless rotary plunger metering pump has received more and more attention, and is widely used in high-viscosity media such as syrup, chocolate and petroleum additives. metered addition. Due to the structural disadvantage of the inability to achieve complete isolation between the metered medium and the lubricant in the pump, plunger metering pumps are subject to many limitations in fluid metering applications with high anti-pollution requirements.

2. Diaphragm metering pump

As the name suggests, the diaphragm metering pump uses a specially designed and processed flexible diaphragm to replace the piston, and realizes reciprocating motion under the action of the driving mechanism to complete the suction-discharge process. Due to the isolation effect of the diaphragm, the isolation between the fluid to be metered and the driving lubrication mechanism is truly realized structurally. The high-tech structural design and the selection of new materials have greatly improved the service life of the diaphragm, coupled with the excellent corrosion resistance of the composite material, the diaphragm metering pump has become the main pump type in fluid metering applications. Among the members of the diaphragm metering pump family, the hydraulically driven diaphragm pump uses oil to evenly drive the diaphragm, which overcomes the shortcomings of excessively concentrated force on the diaphragm of the pump under the mechanical direct drive method, and improves the life of the diaphragm and the upper limit of the working pressure. In order to overcome the working failure caused by the diaphragm damage that may occur in single-diaphragm metering pumps, some metering pumps are equipped with diaphragm damage to realize automatic chain protection when the diaphragm is broken; the metering with double-diaphragm structure pump head further improves its safety. , suitable for applications that are particularly sensitive to security protection.

       As a kind of diaphragm metering pump, the electromagnetic drive metering pump uses electromagnets to generate pulsating driving force, which saves the motor and speed change mechanism, making the system small and compact, and is an important branch of small-range low-pressure metering pumps.

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