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Tell you the multifunctional water pump control valve and how to keep the centrifugal pump?

Feb 08, 2023
The multi-function water pump control valve uses a double-chamber diaphragm (piston) control chamber, and uses the hydraulic principle to control the large valve disc to slowly open and close or be in a regulating state. In addition, an adjusting screw can be installed on the valve cover, so that the maximum allowable opening of the valve can be randomly set to realize flow adjustment control.
fully open state
      When the water pump is started, the outlet water pressure rises, and the water outlet of the water pump generates the force to push the large valve disc to open on the one hand, and enters the lower cavity of the diaphragm (piston) in the control chamber on the other hand. The water in the upper chamber is connected to the water outlet of the main valve to be discharged, and the valve is slowly opened at a controlled speed.
fully closed state
      When the water pump stops, the flow rate of the medium in the valve decreases. When it is close to zero, the large valve disc slidingly fitted with the valve stem assembly closes quickly under the action of its own weight, and the pressure water behind the valve enters the top of the diaphragm (piston) in the control chamber. cavity, and push the diaphragm (piston) to slowly close the valve disc fixed on the valve stem.
       It is used in direct water supply and drainage systems with water pumps in industrial mines, enterprises, and high-rise buildings, especially suitable for supporting automatic water pumping control systems. It does not need electric controllers and external power, and it can be opened and closed automatically according to the routine. It has three chambers for quick closing, slow closing and energy absorption. A function of preventing and eliminating water hammer, installed in water supply and drainage, construction, petroleum, chemical, gas (natural gas), food, medicine, power station, nuclear power and other fields of water intake, water delivery, diving, sewage pumping room and petroleum, chemical fluids In the conveying system, it has multiple functions of electric valve, stop valve, check valve, flow adjustment, pressure adjustment and water hammer eliminator, which can effectively prevent the harm of water pump reversed when the medium flows back, improve the safety and reliability of the system, and meet the requirements of the system. Engineering equipment automation control requirements.

1. Automatic control, start the pump with light load: Affected by the pressure in the control room, when starting the pump, the main valve opens slowly, thereby controlling the start of the pump due to excessive flow and eliminating the water hammer when starting the pump.
2. High safety and reliability: The water hammer elimination device is completely interlocked with the opening and closing action of the valve, and it has three measures to eliminate water hammer: quick closing, slow closing and absorption.
3. No operation control: when the pump starts and stops, the medium at both ends of the valve and its pressure difference are cleverly used as the driving medium and control power, so that the valve automatically operates according to the requirements of the pump operation regulations.
4. No need for professional debugging: the valve action is not affected by the height difference of the liquid level, the pressure of the outlet water and the change of the flow rate of the water pump, and has a wide range of applications.
5. Basically no maintenance, long service life, the number of responses in the main control room is more than 10 million times.
6. The energy-saving effect is obvious: the pressure at the inlet end is used to enter the lower chamber to support the weight of the diaphragm pressure plate and valve stem, and the resistance loss is small.

The unpainted surface of the pump that has not been installed should be coated with a suitable anti-rust agent. Bearings lubricated with oil should be filled with a suitable oil. Bearings lubricated with grease should only be filled with a grease, do not use Mix grease.

Pump clean liquid for a short time, rinse, suction line, discharge line, pump casing and impeller, and drain flushing fluid in pump casing, suction line and discharge line.

Drain the oil from the bearing housing, refill with clean oil, thoroughly clean the grease and refill with new grease.

Seal the suction port and discharge port, store the pump in a clean, dry place, protect the motor windings from moisture, and spray the inside of the pump casing with anti-rust and anti-corrosion liquid.

Rotate the pump shaft once a month to avoid freezing and lubricate the bearings.

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