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Advantages and precautions of fire pumps and diaphragm pumps

Feb 10, 2023
Fire water pump, diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery, and it is the most popular type of pump in China at present. Using compressed air as the power source, it can pump all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable and highly toxic liquids.
Due to the above characteristics of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, the diaphragm pump is gradually invading the market of other pumps in the world since its birth, and occupies a part of it. For example, the diaphragm pump has already occupied a dominant position in the painting and ceramic industries, while in other industries, such as environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage, and fine chemicals, it is expanding its market share and has irreplaceable advantages for other pumps. status. The advantages of air-operated diaphragm pumps are:
1. Because air is used as power, the flow rate is automatically adjusted with the change of back pressure (outlet resistance), which is suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. The operating point of the centrifugal pump is set based on water. If it is used for a fluid with a slightly higher viscosity, it needs to be equipped with a reducer or a frequency conversion speed controller, and the cost will be greatly increased. The same is true for the gear pump.
2. Pneumatic pumps are reliable and low-cost in flammable and explosive environments, such as fuel delivery, because: first, sparks cannot be generated after grounding; second, no heat is generated during work, and the machine will not overheat; Three, the fluid will not be overheated because the diaphragm pump has the least agitation of the fluid.
3. In places with bad construction sites, such as construction sites, industrial and mining wastewater discharge, due to the many impurities and complex components in the sewage, the pipelines are easy to be blocked, so the load on the electric pump is too high, and the motor is easily damaged due to heat. The air-operated diaphragm pump can pass particles and the flow rate is adjustable. When the pipeline is blocked, it will automatically stop until it is unobstructed.
4. In addition, the diaphragm pump is small in size and easy to move. It does not need a foundation, occupies a very small area, and is easy and economical to install. Can be used as a mobile material transfer pump.
5. In the treatment of hazardous and corrosive materials, the diaphragm pump can completely separate the materials from the outside world.
6. Or some tests ensure that no impurities contaminate raw materials.
7. It can be used to transport fluids with relatively unstable chemical properties, such as: photosensitive materials, flocculation fluid, etc. This is because the shear force of the diaphragm pump is low and has little physical impact on the material.

          Precautions for operation and operation of multi-purpose pneumatic diaphragm pump:
  1. Ensure that the largest particles contained in the fluid do not exceed the maximum diameter of particles that can safely pass through the pump.
  2. The intake pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable operating pressure of the pump. Compressed air with a pressure higher than the rated pressure may cause personal injury and property loss and damage the performance of the pump.
3. Ensure that the pipeline system of the pump pressure can withstand the highest output pressure achieved, and ensure the cleanliness and normal working conditions of the driving air system.
4. Static sparks may cause explosions, resulting in personal casualties and property losses. Use wires with a sufficiently large cross-sectional area as required to properly and reliably ground the grounding screw on the pump.
5. The grounding requirements are in compliance with local laws and regulations and some special requirements on site.
6. Fasten the pump and the connecting pipe joints to prevent static sparks from vibration, impact and friction. Use antistatic hose.
7. To periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding system, the grounding resistance is required to be less than 100 ohms.
8. Keep good exhaust and ventilation, keep away from flammable, explosive and heat sources.
9. There may be solid matter in the exhaust of the pump. Do not face the exhaust port to the work area or people to avoid personal injury.
10. When the diaphragm fails, the conveyed material will be ejected from the exhaust muffler.
11. When transporting flammable and toxic fluids, please connect the drain to a safe place away from the working area.
12. Please use a pipe with a smooth inner wall of at least 3/8" inner diameter to connect the exhaust port and the muffler.

Water pump method one: the installation of the pump set should be accurate and reliable, and there should be no obvious vibration during operation. If the pump makes abnormal noise when pumping water, or the bearing is hot to the touch (the temperature is higher than 60°C) and the water seepage in the seal of the pump shaft is more than 60 drops per minute, the cause must be found out and the fault should be eliminated in time.

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