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Do you know the reason why the water supply of diesel engine fire pump is reduced?

Dec 26, 2022

 The diesel engine fire pump has good performance in fire water supply and long-distance water delivery. The water pump is driven by a diesel engine and driven by an elastic coupling. and flow options are wide.

However, during the use of diesel engine fire pumps, there may also be problems such as reduced water supply. In order to facilitate everyone to deal with the problem of reduced water volume, the following Xizhiquan relies on 18 years of experience in the production and sales of fire pump valves. The reasons for the decrease in pump water supply have been sorted out.

1. After long-term use, the inner wall of the fire pump pipe and the water surface of the impeller of the fire pump will become rougher and uneven after continuous washing with running water, which will increase the frictional resistance coefficient of the flow channel in the pump body. , coupled with the high flow velocity of water in the pump, the head loss will increase, and the hydraulic efficiency will be greatly reduced.

2. Due to factors such as the quality of the water body, there may be serious scaling or corrosion in the pump body. Serious fouling in the pump body of a diesel engine fire pump may increase the wall thickness of the pump body, reduce the capacity of the pump body, and reduce the water pumping capacity. In addition, the rough flow path increases the loss of water head, and the working efficiency and hydraulic efficiency of the fire pump are greatly improved. reduce.

3. There is also the unavoidable cavitation on the surface of the pump impeller. Because the pump has been used for a long time, the blades of the diesel engine water pump form a high and low pressure zone when they operate against the water surface, forming vaporized water bubbles that burst and impact the equipment, resulting in capacity loss and mechanical equipment loss. The wear and tear of mechanical equipment causes leakage and resistance to increase, which greatly reduces the capacity work efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

4. In the end, casting defects, abrasion, corrosion and chemical corrosion caused by the pump processing technology may cause cavities or cracks to form in the pump passage, and vortices are formed when the water flows, resulting in energy loss and greatly reducing the hydraulic efficiency.
The above are the reasons for the reduction of the water supply of the diesel engine water pump. We can only deal with it better if we know the cause of the water drop. In fact, the performance and quality of diesel engine fire pumps are very stable equipment. Long-term use requires regular maintenance to ensure continuous performance. Zjbetter after-sales service is in place to help customers solve various operation and operation problems and solve customers' worries.

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