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Do fire pumps need to be on emergency power?

Dec 18, 2023
Yes, fire pumps are often required to be on emergency power to ensure their reliable operation during a power outage or emergency situation. Emergency power sources, such as generators, are crucial for maintaining the functionality of fire protection systems, including fire pumps. Here are the reasons why fire pumps may need to be on emergency power:

1. **Power Outages:** During a fire emergency, power outages can occur. If the primary electrical power source fails, the emergency power supply, typically provided by generators, ensures that the fire pump continues to operate.

2. **Continuous Operation:** Fire pumps need to operate continuously to maintain water pressure and supply to fire protection systems, such as sprinklers and standpipes. Emergency power ensures that the pump remains operational when regular power is unavailable.

3. **Reliability:** Emergency power systems are designed to be reliable and capable of activating automatically in the event of a power failure. This reliability is crucial for ensuring that fire pumps are always ready to respond to a fire emergency.

4. **Code Requirements:** Building and fire codes often mandate the use of emergency power for critical life safety systems, including fire pumps. Compliance with these codes is essential for ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting property.

It's important for building owners, facility managers, and engineers to consult local building and fire codes to understand specific requirements regarding the use of emergency power for fire pumps. Compliance with these codes helps ensure that fire protection systems function effectively under various circumstances, including power outages.

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