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1000m³ Self Priming Series Mobile Pump Truck

Speed:1500-1800 rpm
Frequency:50hz or 60hz
1000m³ Self Priming Series Mobile Pump Truck
Product Structure
A 1000m³ self-priming series mobile pump truck would typically be used in scenarios where a large amount of water needs to be moved quickly, such as: Firefighting: These pump trucks are valuable in fighting large fires where a substantial water supply is required. Flood Control: During flooding or heavy rainfall, they can be used to pump water away from inundated areas. Industrial Applications: They can be used in industrial processes that require the movement or transfer of a significant volume of water. Construction and Mining: Mobile pump trucks are often employed for dewatering construction sites or mines. Emergency Water Supply: In disaster relief situations, they can provide emergency water supply for communities or facilities.
Product Advantages
It can run in the condition of power cut.
It can fully run in 15 seconds after the start signal.
Use Universal Joint, high transmission efficiency. 
Good stability, vibration proof.
Professional Technological
Motor pump is duty pump, diesel engine is for standby
Completely automatic control panel.
Suitable for any emergency firefighting occasions.
Customized product.
Chemical plant
High-rise buildings
Fire departments
Boats & ports
Logistics storage
Product details
Diesel engine
Diesel engine
The diesel engine is the primary power source for the pump system on the mobile pump truck.
Contorl panel
Contorl panel
The control panel is equipped with buttons, switches, and indicators that allow operators to start, stop, and control the pump's operation.
Wear-resistant Solidtires
Wear-resistant Solidtires
Wear-resistant solid tires are built to support heavy loads, ensuring stability and safety during operation.
Water Collector
Water Collector
The design of the water collector ensures that the stored water remains secure and does not slosh or become unstable during transport.
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