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What is the purpose of a jockey pump in a fire pump system?

Jan 24, 2024
The jockey pump in a fire pump system serves the purpose of maintaining a stable pressure in the system. Fire pump systems are designed to provide water at a high pressure for firefighting purposes. The jockey pump is a smaller pump that operates continuously to keep the system pressurized within a specified range.

Here's how it works:

1. **Pressure Maintenance:** The jockey pump helps maintain a baseline pressure in the fire pump system. This is crucial because fire protection systems often rely on a specific pressure to ensure proper functioning of sprinklers, hoses, and other firefighting equipment.

2. **Preventing Pressure Drops:** Without a jockey pump, the pressure in the system could drop over time due to small leaks, system draining, or other factors. The jockey pump compensates for these losses by automatically starting and stopping to maintain the desired pressure level.

3. **Minimizing Wear and Tear:** The jockey pump operates at a lower capacity compared to the main fire pump. This means it runs more frequently but for shorter durations, reducing wear and tear on the main pump. The main pump is typically activated only when there is an actual fire, ensuring it remains in good condition for emergencies.

In summary, the jockey pump plays a crucial role in ensuring that a fire pump system is always ready for action by maintaining a consistent pressure level and minimizing the risk of pressure drops.

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