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What are the self-test methods and advantages of the fire pump

Dec 28, 2022
The self-inspection of the fire pump is also a very important part. If this aspect is not understood, it will have a great impact on the use of the fire pump. The work that needs to be done before the self-inspection method is; to understand the fire pump in advance, It is also necessary to detect and prevent some errors in the process of use. This kind of inspection is mainly divided into two types, one is the normal speed self-test method, and the other is the low-speed self-test method

1. Isokinetic self-test method.

Now this kind of fire pump generally adopts the method of self-calibration and constant speed during self-inspection, because this method has lower requirements and does not need to spend too much time on debugging. In the process of this constant-speed self-inspection, the The whole process of starting and running the fire pump. The above effect is better. Simulate the running process of fire water within a certain running time. There is a key link in these operations that needs special attention, that is, the fire pump will be released after the constant speed self-test , to prevent problems during use.

2. Low-speed self-test method.

This method has fewer inspections, so the use time is very short. When the self-inspection method is in a low-speed state, if the fire pump has a large volume and volume, the fire pump cannot be opened directly, and indirect guidance is required. When the inspection is in the early inspection work link, so the subsequent work is to check out the fault.

The use of fire pumps makes our transportation of liquids more convenient and fast. The use of these is also very obvious for heating effects.

Therefore, the use of XBD fire pumps has brought convenience to all aspects of our lives, and the liquid substances that can spread have led to the development of many projects. In addition, it can save labor. The installed fire pump series, sealing and corrosion resistance , so it is a very good guarantee for environmental protection, which and our country is now promoting environmental protection and health.

In addition, it can also transmit physical and chemical liquid substances, which greatly reduces labor costs and labor intensity, and is very helpful to the environment. Because of its relatively small scale, it can be applied anywhere, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. Comes great convenience. We have great significance for everything, but I have to say that XBD fire pump has brought great convenience to our life, you can feel it from your mobile phone, the answer is no, the same Yes, now it is difficult to leave the fire pump, industrial development.

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