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What are the key points of fire pump acceptance?

Jan 03, 2023
What are the key points of fire pump acceptance?

1. The total number of probes, buttons and modules on the main unit, whether domestic or imported, cannot exceed 3200 points. If this number exceeds this number, the main unit should be added.

2. Water pumps and fans are not allowed to start with frequency conversion, they must be started directly in one step, and frequency converters are not allowed in the control cabinet.

3. The number of loops is not allowed to exceed 200. If this number is exceeded, additional loops will be added. And an isolator should be added to the circuit, and an isolator can only have 32 points.

4. Modules are not allowed to be installed in strong current distribution cabinets (boxes), but should be installed in special module boxes.

5. In a building, no matter how many sound and light alarms there are, no matter how many broadcasts there are, all of them should be activated in case of fire, and every part and every corner should be aware of the fire at the same time for quick evacuation.

6. No matter how far the fire pump is linked with the 24V power supply, the voltage should not be lower than 22.8V when measured with a multimeter on site. If it is lower than this number, an additional 24V power supply should be added on site.

7. Construction personnel, when wearing 24V power lines in the future, they should wear fire-resistant copper core wires, which are the lines starting with NH, and the cross-section is not less than 1.5 square meters. The signal line can reduce the requirements. Use flame-retardant type, which is the line starting with ZR .

8. In the event of a fire, ordinary power, escalators, sewage pumps, recreational facilities, kitchen electricity, etc. should be cut off immediately; other normal lighting, domestic water pumps, security systems, passenger elevators, etc. should be cut off later or selectively cut off manually , to facilitate the evacuation of personnel.

9. When the manufacturer compiles the linkage relationship, one probe should not be used to link the fire pump facilities, but any two probes in the area or any probe plus any manual should be used to start the linkage.

10. In future residential buildings, 1.3 to 1.5 of the entrance of the residents should be equipped with an independent household alarm system, and smoke detectors and combustible gas detectors should be installed in bedrooms and kitchens.

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