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What are jockey pumps, and why are they used in conjunction with fire pumps?

Apr 11, 2024
Jockey pumps are small, high-pressure pumps commonly used in conjunction with fire pumps in fire protection systems. Their primary function is to maintain pressure in the fire protection system's piping network. Here's why they're used:

1. **Pressure Maintenance**: Fire protection systems typically consist of a network of pipes, valves, and sprinklers or nozzles. These systems need to maintain a certain pressure to ensure proper operation in the event of a fire. Jockey pumps continuously monitor and maintain this pressure during normal system operation.

2. **Leak Detection**: Jockey pumps help detect leaks in the fire protection system. If there's a leak, the pressure drops, triggering the jockey pump to activate and restore the pressure. This alerts maintenance personnel to the presence of a leak, allowing them to address it before it compromises the system's effectiveness.

3. **Preventing Pump Cycling**: Fire pumps are designed to activate when the pressure in the system drops below a certain level, indicating a fire. However, if the pressure drops only slightly due to minor leaks or fluctuations, the fire pump might activate unnecessarily. Jockey pumps prevent this by maintaining consistent pressure, reducing the frequency of unnecessary pump cycling.

4. **System Efficiency**: By maintaining consistent pressure, jockey pumps ensure that the fire protection system operates efficiently when needed. They help optimize the performance of the system and ensure that water is delivered promptly and effectively to control or extinguish a fire.

Overall, jockey pumps play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of fire protection systems, working in tandem with larger fire pumps to safeguard lives and property in the event of a fire.

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