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What are jockey pumps, and why are they used in conjunction with fire pump sets?

Feb 28, 2024
Jockey pumps are small, secondary pumps that work in conjunction with fire pump sets to maintain pressure in a fire protection system. They are typically used in scenarios where the main fire pump set does not operate continuously or where there may be fluctuations in water pressure.

Here's why jockey pumps are used in conjunction with fire pump sets:

1. **Maintaining Pressure**: Jockey pumps help maintain constant pressure in the fire protection system by compensating for minor leaks, small system demands, or pressure variations that may occur over time.

2. **Preventing Pump Cycling**: Fire pump sets are designed to activate when there is a significant demand for water, such as during a fire emergency. However, activating these pumps too frequently for minor pressure drops can lead to wear and tear, reducing their reliability. Jockey pumps handle the smaller demands, reducing the frequency of activation for the main fire pump set.

3. **Ensuring Readiness**: By keeping the system pressurized, jockey pumps ensure that the fire protection system is ready to respond immediately in case of a fire emergency. Without jockey pumps, there might be delays in response time as the main pump set ramps up to provide adequate pressure.

4. **System Stability**: Jockey pumps contribute to the stability of the overall fire protection system by providing consistent pressure levels. This stability is crucial for ensuring that the system operates as intended during emergencies.

Overall, the use of jockey pumps in conjunction with fire pump sets enhances the reliability, efficiency, and readiness of fire protection systems, ultimately improving fire safety in buildings and facilities.

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