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How to start the fire pump and how to deal with the noise

Mar 13, 2023
1. Starting the Fire Pump:

a. Ensure that the power switch for the fire pump is in the “on” position.

b. Verify that the pump is receiving power.

c. Open the valve from the water source to the pump.

d. Open the suction valve to the pump.

e. Prime the pump if necessary.

f. Start the fire pump by engaging the motor starter.

2. Dealing with Noise:

a. Install soundproofing material such as rubber vibration dampers or acoustic foam around the fire pump.

b. Install soundproof enclosures around the fire pump.

c. Install sound attenuators in the exhaust stack of the fire pump.

d. Ensure that the fire pump is properly maintained and serviced.

e. Use noise-absorbing absorbent materials, such as mineral wool, to reduce reverberation.

f. Use noise-cancelling ear protection when operating the fire pump.

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